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Who We Are

Thiele Technologies is a leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of high-speed packaging and converting equipment. But we're much more than that...

We're creators, helpers, seekers, contributors, do-ers, and improvers.

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What We Do

Thiele designs, makes, and supports a diverse array of innovative, world-class packaging equipment.

Our packaging machinery caters to a wide variety of applications and packages, including rigid and flexible packaging.

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Why You Matter

Without you, we wouldn't exist. It's that simple. Whether you're a long time customer, a potential customer, or just browsing, you are important to us.

We value the relationship we develop with you and are eager to serve you.

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Barry-Wehmiller Companies is a $1.5 billion provider of capital equipment and consulting services for  the packaging, paper converting and corrugation industries. At the heart of its successful economic model, however, are almost 7000 outstanding team members worldwide. The company prides itself and is fiercely committed to building great people through its innovative learning institute, Barry-Wehmiller University, and distinctive people-centric leadership initiatives.

PCMC: Aquaflex ELS-D dual-servo press

The new Aquaflex ELS-D dual-servo press drastically reduces waste and setup times while providing the best possible print registration in its class and all with unmatched production run speeds. Less waste and faster run times allow you to get the product off press and into your clients' hands faster.

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